What makes us the goldfish in the pot?

Hiring management plans and sets interviews with a lot; recruiters locate and arrange interviews of the candidates; job seekers travel to and pass through a number of interviews. Hiring, facilitating hiring practice and getting being hired all are hard-hitting jobs to execute with respect to interview process.

But ‘Talking Resume’ has made an effective contribution to facilitate hiring procedure with a 3 dimensional approach.

Candidate Benefits

  • Its Free
  • Get noticed
  • Highlight your communication skills
  • Be a cock of the walk

USITplus Talking resume gives our consultant an edge over hundreds of applicants and able to land onto a Job faster. By registering with Talking Resume you will be able to reach out to prospective employers with your recorded video which will enhance your chances with the employer.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Innovative
  • Pre-scan not the papers but the person
  • 3D approach Scan / Interview / Hire all in one

As an employer or main hiring administration, it is where you can have a brief virtual introduction of your candidate before a physical one to make you call the people you actually want. It provides you with a glimpse of the character you are going to call for a face to face interview and helps you decide whether to call him/her or not.

How It Works