In any industry, the ability for a company to change with the times is vital to business survival. The most important post launch feature of any website is the ability to replace, update, and manage content. Without a proper content management system in place, the ability to add new material or make edits can get log jammed. Often, companies put off edits and updates to their website to avoid the time-consuming process of web design. Many don’t want to pay a webmaster or designer just to change a few words around. But what if you could do it yourself without knowing any programming languages or being an expert web designer? A Content management system ( CMS ) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site. CMS are deployed primarily for interactive use by a potentially large number of contributors. The content managed includes images, audio / video, flash animation, graphs, spreadsheets, presentations, computer files, electronics documents and web content. Companies use a CMS to share files with ease, as most systems use server-based software, even further broadening file availability.


Imagine your website is like the house you live in. A web design agency has built this house for you, a web host has ensured that the house is large enough for your needs, and graphic designers have made the place look good. But what if you want to chuck out some of your old furniture, move things around or update your ageing entertainment system? Doing this on a website is not as easy as it is in reality, that is why you need a CMS to enable you to do a little spring cleaning and ensure everything is up-to-date and working to the required standard



  • Content management systems allow complete instant control over your online information.
  • They work within your website giving access to all updateable areas.
  • Site features may be altered from within any Internet browser, meaning updates may be completed from any PC with an Internet connection anywhere, with no extra costs for software.
  • Content management is effectively complete control over images and graphics within your website, but there are many other features available such as the ability to implement flash animations and rich media content.
  • Simple to use point and click editor.