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Quality assurance (QA) is a systematic way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. QA training courses develop skills to scrutinize the quality of products and to ensure the product is error free.

USITplus Quality Assurance (QA) training courses can help teach you how to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. Our QA testing tutorials cover basic concepts to in-depths topics of quality assurance to satisfy the need of customers by providing quality products. These certificate programs introduce students to the concepts and procedures involved with maintaining a consistently high level of quality in manufactured products. USITplus offers an exclusive preparatory program for beginners as well as professionals to get certified swiftly and proficiently.


The course intends to develop the following skills among the participants:

  • Recognize the objectives of a project/ software/ product efficiently
  • Handle project/ software/ product with proper basic knowledge
  • Ensure the project/ software/ product meet the standards of quality as well as the demands of the users/ customers
  • Develop the test cases for each scenario professionally
  • Run the test cases to evaluate the performance
  • Communicate the risks involved in project/ software/ product
  • Apply multiple tests to get accurate results






Module 1

Some Basics

Part 1

  • Basic Software Engineering knowledge
  • Detailed information about SDLC -Software Development Life Cycle
  • Software development methodologies (SCRUM, Agile, V-Model Waterfall, Sprint etc.)
  • Software Requirement Specifications Document (BRD & FRD)
  • Role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst, developers, Technical architects, QA testers and users, clients, managers etc.

Part 2

  • Introduction to Software Quality Assurance or Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Types of Software Applications, Window-based, Web-based etc.


Types of Testing

Part 1

  • Black Box Testing and White Box Testing, UAT Testing

Part 2

  • Details of Backend Testing, Data Driven Testing, Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing, External Interface Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, HA Testing, Security Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Manual Testing, Automation Testing and Performance /testing
  • Validation vs. Verification


  • QA Tester Role and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Understanding Requirements Documents in Details including business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functionalities Requirement Document (FRD)

Module 2

  • Writing Test cases in Excel
  • Writing Test Data
  • Writing Test Cases on different topics like Healthcare, Telecom etc.
  • Preparing RTM and Test matrices
  • Explanation for writing a Test Plan, Objectives, Scope and Strategy of Test Plan
  • Entry and Exit Criteria, Testing Techniques


·         Reviewing Test Plans and Test Cases

·         Quality Centre Defect Module (Defect Life Cycle)

·         Clustering, Load Balancer, Front end, Back end, Middle Ware etc.

·         Project and application architecture, External systems etc.

·         High availability/ Clustering, HA Testing

Module 3

  • Test Plan Module: Practice through writing plans and matrices


  • Test Lab Module: Execute Test cases and file defects


  • Defects Module: Details and Discussions

Module 4

  • What is Database
  • What is RDBMS- Relational Database Management System
  • Introduction to SQL


  • What is Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • What is Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • What is Data Control Language (DCL)


  • Working with Toad Tool- to execute SQL queries
  • Different types of SQL queries with examples


  • Types of SQL functions: Arithmetic, logical etc.
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key Constraint
  • Types of SQL JOINS
  • How to perform JOIN
  • Different versions JOIN
  • SQL groupby statement
  • SQL Having Clause


Workshop 1: Write & Execute Test Cases from a live Business Requirement Document (BRD)
Workshop 2: Write & Execute Test Cases for Deserktop (Windows based) Application
Workshop 3: Write & Execute Test Cases for a web-based application
Workshop 4: Introduction to DEVICE (Mobile) Testing
Workshop 5: Introduction and practice of SQL & UNIX
Workshop 6: Wrap-up and Review PLUS Interview Questions
Workshop 7: Resume Writing and Marketing Techniques

* Full Tution fee is due and is non-refunded after Attending 2 Workshops*

Instructor: Sam Hann

Reviewed By: Alistar Brown

This training course was very informative. It gave me a better understanding of the testing process, terms and definitions and its importance on software quality assurance. The trainer was very knowledgeable and explained the various components of this course very well

Reviewed By: Dona

The course is very comprehensive. It helped me a lot to understand the testing concepts. It also will help me to apply the same in my career. I have had a good experience with excellent practical workshops

Reviewed By: S.Khan

The course is really helpful to understand the testing techniques and methodologies. It also helped to overcome the issues i faced while i was trying to learn on my own. The instructor have a sound knowledge and have excellent teaching skills. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By: Sara Walter

The course was comprehensive. I would rate it as excellent.

Reviewed By: Suraaj Singh

It is by far the best training I have taken, and USITplus helped me with my resume and polished my interview skills which helped me in finding a placement. Thank you USITplus

Reviewed By: Bindya Patel

A must course for those who want to become a QA and gain real world Skills.

Reviewed By: Andrew phillips

I was very happy from start to finish, the course was easy to follow. The online quizzes and test were excellent to practice.

Reviewed By: G. Fatima

Thank you USITplus that I am a professional QA today. I was fortunate to be in the right hands. The QA training course prepared me for the real scenarios on the job, equipped me with the right skills so much so that I never had a problem from day 1 at my work. Not only the training course is comprehensive and useful but after the training I was not left alone to find the job. Sam and his team at USITplus helped me every step of the way to get me placed. Thank you USITplus!

Reviewed By: Namrata Kashyap

USIT QA training was wonderful and very Dynamic. I loved the fact that it was a very interactive class and it helped me a lot to gain knowledge about Manual testing.

Reviewed By: M Singh

This traning is really good in the field of software testing. The instructor is knowledgeable, experienced and know which area to focus for study.There real time interview prepration is awesome.

Reviewed By: Dounia Mdarhri Alaoui

In order to become a good QA Tester you need to indulge and learn a lot about this field. By taking QA classes you will learn how to monitor, improve and test the entire Software. First, by becoming a QA Tester you will improve your communication skills. Secondly, you will learn how to develop critical thinking and all the necessary skill you need to discover and solve the bugs and become a good analyzer. If you want to learn QA from professionals, come and join USIT for a better career.

Reviewed By: Shaukat Alamgir

I have taken couple of QA classes before but USIT has different approach for teaching , specially for someone who doesn't have any IT background..Well organized.

Reviewed By: S. Ikram

I really enjoyed the class it helped me a lot. The teachers are excellent and helps you in anyway they can, and the classes are well organized.

Reviewed By: Tammy Miller

QA Workshop was the best and well worth for the money I spent. I am working as a QA and am very successful thanks for all the hard work you put behind your students.

Reviewed By: John LeBan

Sam does a great job of teaching this class. It's a lot of info and you have to work hard also. They arm you with the knowledge to be a first class tester. They are always there when you need help!

Reviewed By: Syed

Excellent teacher and excellent course to get into an IT field.

Reviewed By: Saheed Olagunju

Great class, great teachers, very informative. I am very happy with the class because it exposed me to many IT knowledge that I didn't have. I will by all means recommend the class to my friends and other people that I know in need of job.

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