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03 February 2018 Lisle,Illinois In Class 2 Days $1,800 $1,195

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Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum training and certification fulfill the vision of the Agile manifesto by fostering greater collaboration, productivity, and success among team members. This global movement transforms organizations and takes them to higher levels of performance.

USITplus offers an exclusive training session to become a professional scrum master leading teams of developers to deliver functionality needed to business stakeholders. Scrum master is a single source of communications between project team and business stakeholders, represented by product owner. This global movement transforms organizations and takes them to higher levels of performance.

USITplus Scrum/ Agile course provides comprehensive knowledge as well as the practical hold of the field, lending a hand to become a useful scrum master. This is a 2 Day Training workshop and the students are expected to pay full fee upfront. The fee refund is only applicable if a student decides to end the training after first 3 Hrs of training on the first day of Class. Norefund after the full 2 day course is completed.


The course help the participants to:

  • Understand the basic concept of Scrum and Agile
  • Learn the role of scrum master in the professional field
  • Understand the different Agile Scrum approaches
  • Differentiate the role of scrum from other project management methodologies
  • Understand how to satisfy different stakeholders
  • Develop the skill to organize scrum processes in Agile frameworks
  • Get adequate knowledge to pass the standard exams
  • Become a professional scrum master




Module 1

IT Fundamentals - background and industry knowledge

  • Scrum History and Manifesto
  • Iron Triangle
  • Pigs and Chicken


Agile Framework

  • Iterative Development
  • Scalability - Self-Organization - Agile Team Building

Iterative Processes

  • Sprint
  • Sprint Planning Session
  • Daily Scrum Standup
  • Sprint Review
  • Team Retrospective
  • Project Planning Session

Module 2

Project Artifacts

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Burn-Down Chart



Release Planning


Team For Agile

·         Colocation

·         Brainstorming

·         Work Items Selection

·         Roadblock Removing

·         Scrum Simulation

·         Customer Involved

·         Change the Culture

·         Change Hats Dynamically

·         Systematic Analysis and Improvement Per Sprint

Module 3

Agile Estimation and Planning

  • Backlog Cards
  • Priority Points
  • Big Ideas
  • 20% of First Needs
  • First Three Sprints as Benchmark
  • Capacity Based on Ideal Team
  • Determine Number of Sprint



  • ScrumMaster Works for the Team
  • Represents Team for the Management
  • Illusion of Control
  • Transform Organization


Reviewed By: M. Khan

Just successfully finished the Scrum class here. Got lucky to have such phenomenal teachers! Definitely helped a lot and prepared me for the real world. Was able to land a job a week before graduation with the knowledge necessary all thanks to this class, which was my main goal. All in all, a big thumbs up :)

Reviewed By: Awais Durrani

I admit, I was very skeptical about this place upon research. First, under $1200 for Scrum Master course. Second, more expensive, schools I just thought there would be no way that this place wasn't a rip off. I am glad I did take this class. I was amazed how knowledgeable the teacher was and how easy the pace was since i was able to grasp of everything told. AMAZING TRAINING AND EXCEPTIONAL TRAINER !!!!

Reviewed By: Natasha Patel

Absolutely loved doing my scrum well presented and fun all at the same time. There wasn’t a moment of boredom. thanks USITplus for making learning so much fun.

Reviewed By: Mel

I just took a SCRUM course at the lisle location this week. One word: Excellent. I was so impressed with the structure of the course which combines both theory and practice, providing clear explanations on the logic behind each concept. Thank you USITplus inc.

Reviewed By: AK MALHI

Excellent course. The instructor was easy to understand, went at a good pace, and was mindful. Really happy with the scrum and going to take the certification exam in coming week. Thank you SAM for all the help !!!

Reviewed By: Niresh

Excellent instructors, patient and very knowledgeable. Great hands on training.

Reviewed By: Allan T

I appreciate the fact that all of the training files are available for download, so that you can continue to solidify your learning after you return to your office and I especially like that you can take retake any class you missed for free within six months.

Reviewed By: Zubair

Usitplus provided me with step by step training and guidance. Personally, for me it was hassle free to implement the teachings in the work environment after the course because of the in-depth knowledge I received . The thing I really like is the dedication of the instructors to help out past students who need help while on the job.

Reviewed By: W Khan

Excellent instructor that brings patience, knowledge and utilizes “real life” examples to help students understand the concepts and utilization of Scrum rather than only theory. This course helps you with job interviews and enables you to find a suitable position. Highly recommend the course.

Reviewed By: Imran Haq

Best teacher with lots of experience and knowledge and not only class, Sam helped a lot even after class for students questions and answers with real life examples, demo sessions, on hands training was awesome, if I have to put it in one word would Amazing experience, this course was really great and Sam helped interview questions, Resume building and always available for any help students need even after class is over

Reviewed By: Kerry Mohammed

Prior to taking the course.. I only read about scrum and Agile.. Taking this course with opened my horizon and knowledge with a hands on training and real work experience.. I encourage anyone who didn't take it to register ASAP.. Thank you Sam for an excellent course

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